Upgrade your hacking skills with our Pentest Labs

With our offer we want to introduce you to the world of practical penetration tests. With our pentest labs you will learn the background and procedures of penetration testing as well as the hacking of systems apart from classic CTFs. We give you access to an online laboratory environment in which you can try out whatever you want and become an ethical hacker without having to fear criminal consequences.

Our laboratory is based on the black box principle. This means that you have neither direct access to the system nor information about it. Show your skill and collect the information and find your way into the system.

Our system is equipped with unique, carefully self-created hosts with current and past vulnerabilities and are often exploitable in several ways. Here you can use the full range of attack vectors (Local and Remote File Inclusion, Remote Command Execution, SQL Injection, Web Shells, File Upload Vulnerabilities, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Active Directory Attacks, Docker Breakouts, Cracking Hashes, Privilege Escalation and so on).

For this purpose, we provide over 60 hosts with different levels of difficulty in our laboratory. No matter what previous knowledge you come with, you will certainly learn something new.

Custom made hosts

All boxes in our laboratory are carefully created by hand and represent realistic scenarios in the area of penetration tests. There are no classic CTF boxes with special challenges as with other providers. Give it a try if you want to solve boxes that are modeled on real machines and have a very steep learning curve.

A selection of operating systems in our pentest labs

Training Material

We provide you with detailed learning documents for preparation and interactive learning while working on the lab boxes. In addition to an extensive PDF document, you will also receive some videos on various topics. You can find some shorter videos on our YouTube channel for demonstration purposes.

Access to the Pentest Labs

You will get your own exclusive VPN access to one of our pentest labs, which you can use either in your virtual machine or on the desktop. With this VPN you have access to our laboratory and can get started straight away.
We provide several identical laboratories that only differ in the IP addresses assigned. You will receive the data for your laboratory with the credentials and the VPN client. We always endeavor to distribute our customers directly to the laboratories in order to enable a smooth learning experience.


We have developed a dashboard for you so that you can interactively track your learning progress. In the dashboard you can get the IP addresses, names of the hosts and the level of difficulty. There are also some tips (depending on the difficulty) available.

Reset Portal

In each of our laboratories is a server with a special reset portal, which you can reset each host in the laboratory separately. You can reset a host every 10 minutes.
The time limit applies for mutual respect because sometimes several people work on one host .

Connect with other students

We offer our own Discord Channel so that you can contact with other learners. However, we do not recommend exchanging any solutions for the servers, since your learning curve will suffer a lot. The best way to learn the mindset of a penetration tester is to constantly try out new possibilities and not just to imitate known ones.

Rewards for your time in our pentest labs

We offer 3 certificates for different levels of difficulty in our laboratory.
You can get these certificates to demonstrate your skills with a potential employer or to get CPE credits for renewing your certificates. You get 40 CPE credits for each certificate from ISC² and EC-Council.

The basic and advanced certificates are included in the lab price. The expert certificate must be purchased separately and will come late 2021.
You will receive a digital certificate for the basic and advanced certificate, and a high quality hard copy for the expert certificate.



Basic Certificate

  • Hack 20 beginner and medium hosts
  • Document in writing for each step of your journey through these boxes
  • Include a screenshot of the local.txt and proof.txt from the boxes

Advanced Certificate:

  • Hack 20 medium and hard hosts with a minimum of 5 hard hosts
  • You have to own 10 of these hosts without automatic tools like metasploit and so on
  • Document in writing for each step of your journey through these boxes
  • Include a screenshot of the local.txt and proof.txt from the boxes