Since you came here, you’re probably familiar with computers. You might be a system administrator, a developer or you work in support. Perhaps you plan to become a pentester. I guess you’re interested in hacking. How else would you get here?

Anyway, I’m happy you’re here. No matter who you are, what prior knowledge you have or where you want to get; I’m certain you will discover one or another interesting topic.


Two sides of a medal

Learning how to get into a system doesn’t work by guidance. There are no step-by-step explanations. While practice is helpful and crucial, endurance is just as important — tenacity, passion, ingenuity, creativity. When you want to protect a system, the best technique is to think about how a hacker would break into it. How you would break into it. Try to step out of the role of the defender and think like the attacker. Take advantage of every weak spot. 


Think like a hacker and make the world more secure

The dangerous part of cyber crime is anonymity and the courage people pull from it. They feel safe; they don’t need to meet or talk to anyone. They don’t even need to take one step out their home. They don’t need weapons nor strength, they won’t even attack a person just a system. 

The financial damage is often enormous. This year a hacker attack against a hospital in Berlin was even responsible for the death of a woman. 

We have work on this project for almost one year now. We are proud and happy that it is finally going online. We hope that everything will work out. But more than anything, we hope to help you to become an ethical hacker and make the world a bit more secure.


Welcome to the world of hacking!